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    Delivery App


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    Get customized or ready made delivery App for your Restaurant, Hotels, Retail stores, Grocery stores,
    Cafeterias, Bar, Lounge and Home delivery business at the best!

    An online ordering and delivery platform that connects shops of single/multiple outlets. It comes with standard and highly innovative features which can be customized and integrated as per your requirements.


    The platform modules are

    • Customer App
    • Shop App
    • Delivery Agent App
    • Super Admin Panel
    • Shop Admin Panel



    A delightful online ordering experience for customers which enables them to seamlessly order products in a few simple taps

    • Easy on boarding: Quickly get started with your phone number login options.
    • Intuitive UI: A rich browsing experience with beautifully laid out product listings and more.
    • Smart Search: Find the right option with intelligent filter and sorting options.
    • Order Tracking: Customers get real-time notification of their order status.
    • Multiple payment Options: Seamless and secure order payments with multiple choices to choose from such as COD or online payment.
    • Manage Profile: Easily manage basic info, addresses, payment details etc.
    • Rating & Reviews: Give feedback on the orders and delivery experience.
    • Promos & Offers: Explore latest offers and coupon code at checkout.



    Make it easy for shop owners/managers to receive, approve and dispatch orders.

    • Order Dashboard: A central hub to keep a tab on all incoming and outgoing orders.
    • Track Order status: View successful and pending order settlements in one place.
    • Multi-lingual: Enables two languages
    • Push Notification: Option for enabling and disabling notification.
    • Actionable Insights: Get useful insights on revenue, order success and cancel rate and top-selling menu item.



    The perfect companion app for any delivery agent that makes order dispatch and timely fulfillment much more efficient.

    • Real-time Requests: Orders are assigned to delivery agents’ right on the dedicated mobile app provided to them.
    • Delivery Information: All important information for a successful order fulfillment is made available in one place.
    • Availability Settings: Delivery agents can manage his availability with a simple online/offline toggle.
    • Payments & Performance: Delivery agents can track their payments and order history
    • Manage Profile: Easy management of profile related settings.



    A powerful web dashboard to manage all aspects of your online delivery business operations
    from a central hub with actionable analytics for continuous optimization.

    • Control Center: The platform owner gets a powerful browser-based panel to manage everything.
    • Branch Management: Add and manage all branches on the platform and maintain a robust supply side.
    • Menu Management: Create product listings for branches and make them available for ordering.
    • Customer Management: Admin can view details of all the app users, view their order details and more.
    • Order Management: Keep a tab on all the orders being processed through the platform with key metrics.
    • Offer Management: Create new deals, offers, and discounts for different products
    • Reporting & Analytics: Get useful stats and insights to take data-driven decisions and grow the platform.
    • Feedback Management: View customer feedback for branches, flag poor performers and maintain standards.



    It keeps records with the help of which it is possible to analyze rates, dish popularity, customer preferences in order to find ways to improve your services.

    • Content Management: Well-organized UX design enables convenient updating: editing or deleting menu items, changing the cost and managing app contents etc.
    • Order Management: Enables you to keep updating the order status, details of customers and send push notifications to customers and delivery agents.
    • Coupon Management: Manage coupons available for the users/customers.
    • Reports & Analytics: Let the business owners keep an eye on customer behavior and customize their products and services accordingly.

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