October 4, 2022

What Are Cloud Native Apps And How Does It Benefit Your Business?

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Cloud native appsWell what are these? Let us find out!

The businesses across the globe are being constantly modernised. More than everything else, it has become an important aspect that your business needs to adopt.

The advantages for your business are plenty. So every custom software development company is providing all the required services or products for the businesses. The faster one can deliver its products or services to the customer, the better your growth will be.

This is what a cloud native app helps you to achieve with ease.

The fast development of virtualization technologies, as well as the popularity of distributed frameworks, has accelerated the trend of migrating applications to the cloud. Cloud-native is a strong new method to application development that employs separate components (microservices and other ideas) that are quick and easy to test and adapt.

Well, next let us see how cloud-native technologies benefit your business!

What are Cloud Native Apps?

Cloud native apps include all types of tools, softwares, or applications. These are highly efficient, scalable and quick when compared to the traditional ones. 

Cloud-native apps alter the whole software development process by leveraging Platform as a Service technologies and agile methodologies. Cloud-native apps are hosted utilising hyperscaler services (e.g., AWS, Google, Microsoft) but are not restricted to a single cloud provider.

Benefits of Cloud Native Apps

The advantages that Cloud Native Apps deliver to various businesses are totally different. But altogether they can be listed out as follows:

  • Quick Rollout Time

The primary objective of any firm is to reduce time to market. Reduced implementation time provides a competitive edge, allowing organisations to embrace current trends. Cloud-native approaches result in speedier product development and launch for bug repairs and new feature improvements across the life of an application.

  • Cost Effective

Regardless of their engagement in the software development process, legacy architecture constrained businesses to fixed resources. As the backup was an additional service, this resulted in a more expensive procedure.

All solutions in cloud-native infrastructure are built to run on the cloud. This saves money on backup, maintenance, development, and resource utilisation. Choosing a pay-per-use strategy can significantly reduce expenditures.


Using a serverless platform simplifies infrastructure administration since it eliminates the need to configure an on-premise network and storage. Companies may cut infrastructure setup time with the rising popularity of cloud-native solutions. As a result, they can now make greater use of their current human resources.

  1. Better customer experience

Traditional programmes needed a specialised staff for each activity, as well as lengthy periods of time to upgrade the software. You no longer need to invest as much effort and money on improving the consumer experience with cloud-native apps. The majority of users utilise mobile devices, and cloud-native apps prioritise mobility. It prioritises the consumer experience significantly more than traditional apps.

Build your Cloud Native App with Zoondia

Adopting Cloud Native technologies have become a necessity more than a luxury in the present business scenario. The advantages are plenty, which are discussed above. So make the right shift with the help of a leading enterprise app development company.

Zoondia, is one of the leading service providers of cloud native apps to the customers around the globe. If you need any help, feel free to contact us anytime!

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