April 11, 2022

Virtual Classroom Apps – The Future Of Online Learning

Online learning or virtual classroom apps have become one of the most sought-after ways to acquire knowledge!

Now it’s not at all necessary to be physically present in the classroom to learn new skills or subjects. Anyone can master new subjects from anywhere in the world if they have a stable internet connection.

virtual classroom app aids you in doing the same! It allows you to learn from any point in the world at your suitable time and is expected to be the future of online learning.

In a recent survey conducted, it was found that online learning will be the future of the educational sector. The advantages it provides are actually plenty.

Well, let us see in this article, how to create a virtual classroom app and some other kinds of stuff related to online learning.

What is a virtual classroom app? 

virtual classroom app is a mobile application that supports various types of learning with the help of an internet connection. Virtual classroom app supports video conferencing, digital whiteboards, 3D or animation videos of various subjects, etc. These all make the students grasp the concept more efficiently and effectively.

A virtual classroom app mainly comprises the following features:

Real-time video classes: This helps to make active communication between the students and teachers.

Digital Whiteboards: Enables to provide real-time diagrams or demonstrations.

Instant messaging: Instant messaging allows the students to communicate through messages with the faculties or other fellow students.

Video Recording: Allows to record & save lecturers for future reference.

End-to-end encryption: To ensure only the authorized ones are allowed to enter the virtual classrooms

Why does it matter?

Every educational institution is providing its online sessions through a dedicated virtual classroom app. The advantages it provides for them are plenty actually.

Let us see below why an educational institution needs a virtual classroom app.


The students and the teachers can set their own pace for learning. They can fix a flexible time for everyone. It gives a balance of life, work, and learning!


The Learning process becomes accessible to everyone without the boundaries of location, time, etc. A virtual classroom app allows students to access quality education from literally anywhere.

Diversity of learning

The teachers can use any type of content format to convey the subjects to their students. It makes the learning process more effective. The supported content formats include video, audio, 3D visuals, etc.


Virtual classroom learning promotes cost-effective learning. The costs compared to the traditional methods are very much less here. The students and teachers don’t need to travel to conduct a class. Also, the efficiency rate is higher here.

Summing Up – How to create a virtual classroom app?

virtual classroomYou can create a virtual classroom app by two methods. The first one is by employing a group of developers or by outsourcing the task to a custom software development company.

The first option is time-consuming and costly. The second option is easy, cost-effective, and highly reliable!

But the only thing you have to take care of before outsourcing your task is that you should have a clear idea of the features that you need to have, and choose the best tech stack possible.

Zoondia,virtual classroom app development company has multiple years of experience in developing online learning apps.

Feel free to  contact us for more info!

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