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    Expectation of the new age customers are evolving with the progress of  digitalization. Logistics industry is metamorphosing towards a new era. To cope with the new needs, IT companies are remodeling their business and rationalizing their operations to boost their efficiency.

    The logistics and transportation industry is evolving with digital transformation but the growth is gradual. From the beginning to the end of a supply chain, digital transformation can be implemented by introducing IoT. The introduction of IoT in transportation will definitely increase driver/pedestrian safety by improving traffic analysis.

    Driver and Pedestrians’ Safety

    Road safety is crucial as the numbers of vehicles on the road are rising exponentially on a day to day basis. Accidents occur due to the carelessness from either the driver’s part or from the people walking around. Adopting IoT implemented transportation facilities can make a change.

    With the assistance of AI in driving, using sensors inside the car, the risk of accidents can be reduced drastically. Car manufacturing companies like Tesla has already implemented an autopilot system in their cars.

    Improvised Traffic Management

    There are 2 ways through which IoT in the transportation industry can help in traffic management. Firstly, there is a personal advantage that a rider can be well informed of the low traffic routes with the help of this digital transformation.

    Secondly, by implementing  digital transformation in public transportation,  people will start depending on public transport instead of using their own private vehicles, resulting in lesser atmospheric pollution.

    Inventory tracking and supply chain management

    Difficulty in managing goods in inventory can be reduced through the digital transformation of implementing IoT. This will enable officials in managing goods far better than the way they used to. Through the smart shelf system, the time consumption in the inventory management can be reduced threefold.

    Another area that IoT can change through digital transformation is supply chain management. An automated management system that monitors the supply chain from raw material processing to the finished products will cut down the cost and time needed to be invested.

    Drones for smart delivery

    Delivering  small products and commodities using drones, can be economically more viable, studies suggest. The economics of delivery are controlled by two factors – route density and drop size. By using drones, the labor cost, labor time and cost of delivery can be reduced substantially.

    The emergence of technology has to be delivered evenly to most industries and Zoondia is looking forward to being a part of this process.

    Wrapping Up

    Zoondia, as a Top IoT App Development Company in Doha, Qatar bridges the digital and physical realities. Our IoT experts will help your business to reform by using internet technologies and powers information driven automation and enhancement on the level of business.

    Want to digitize your transportation and logistics business?

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