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    Hyperautomation – The New Way to Process Management

    Zoondia hyperautomation

    Hyperautomation is a process of converting end-to-end business activities using the help of automation Technology. It helps in the reduction in human workload and time consumption. This process is a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics process automation, and intelligent business process management.

    RPA, AI, and machine learning are the booming technologies in 2021

    Hyperautomation isn’t a single form of technology. It deals with the emerging new-age technologies. As a leading provider of technology solutions and custom software development, Zoondia is constantly upgrading its technological approach and bringing in new changes for the technology in the future through Hyperautomation.

    • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

    RPA is a process of implementing bots to take over the manual tasks performed by humans. RPA can only perform works that are pre-fed inside its system. It functions according to the inputs and outputs programmed in it.

    RPA can’t generate any artificial intelligence or learn new actions on its own. That’s like RPA can be only use for tasks that have precise repetition and pre-programmed outcomes. RPA can be used to minimize the amount of workload and time consumption at the same time.

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    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    The first thing that comes into our mind while we think about artificial intelligence is virtual assistants Siri and Alexa. Unlike RPA AI consists of a specialty to simulate human intelligence. This will put another level change to RPA, AI implemented RPA don’t need any rigid inputs to process.

    While machine learning is implemented to RPA it will help in tracking the performance and will start the learning process which helps the organization to continuously improve and progress. This will drastically maintain the strategic evaluation of insights generated by the organization. As implementation of Ai and ML are heavily comprehensive strategic planning must be needed.

             ▪ Intelligent Business Process Management (IBPM)

    Intelligent business process management is a business process management (BPM) software with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). This is the main factor in hyperautomation. IBPM is a tool that has the ability to handle the processes, strategy, and workflow and to monitor the results so that issues will be resolved.

    IBPM system will also connect and coordinate people, machines, and IoT, covering the traditional business process management requirements within an organization at the next level.


    “Success will result from a mind-set that is focused on starting with the business problem and then selecting the right technology with a broader roadmap of the overall hyperautomation journey,” Gartner says.  Success in these endeavors will lead organizations to change their funding models so that all new process initiatives consider funding by underlying automation as part of the business case.”

    The world is evolving so do business. Automation and AI is the next big trend in the business.

    If you want a cost-effective, fast, and error-free operations of your business, get in touch with Zoondia and our automation solutions and let us fix your business up with robot power.


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