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    How Covid-19 has Shaped the Future of Work: Game-Changing Technologies in the Workplace

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    After the invasion of COVID-19, most IT companies had moved to “work from home” mode due to safety reasons. Communication was the biggest challenge that they had to face during these times. With the coming of vaccines, many companies have again started functioning from their own premises.  They have improvised their work patterns with some interesting game-changing technologies.

    IoT, AI and Machine learning implemented office working procedures are the new workspace technology 2021. The mentioned game-changing technologies consist of robots for helping in works, IoT powered social distancing and more. The upgraded software solutions and technology proved the disciplined way of innovation during the pandemic situation.

    AI and ML in Contactless Thermal Screening

    To check the temperature of all office coming employees a thermal temperature measurement tool is required. So to reduce the distance and contact between this thermal checkups this thermographic screening method can be utilized.

    This technology uses cameras with infrared visions that measure the temperature of each individual and send alerts if anyone with a high temperature is detected. The camera is capable of checking 100 people at a time and sending data to the device with the help of AI and machine learning technologies.

    AI sensors and ML for interaction tracking

    Wearable devices that produces alert when employees are not standing within the permitted distance have been installed in some companies. Through this employees will be aware of social distancing by the use of sensor powered secure distance providing system. This system is again been made by combining the power of AI and machine learning.

    The famous Motor Company Ford introduced watch-like devices that prevent people from getting close to each other.

    Amazon implemented a contactless monitoring device, called “Distance Assistant”- an AI powered screen with green circles around employees to maintain social distancing.

    Robots in the workplace

    For Sanitation and Disinfection, Milagrow Humantech developed a disinfection robot that leverages light detection and ranging technology and simultaneous localization and mapping technologies to navigate the premises and sanitizes the floors without any human intervention.

    McDonald’s has also been testing robots to optimize the cooking process and speedup services which will help to reduce the human staff to be present in a space at any given time.

    There are robots that are designed to support humans in their work called cobots or collaborative robots. Cobots can lift and shift products and the physical burden on employees is reduced. Thus the social distancing is easily maintained.

    Looking into the future

    IoT solutions, AI, machine learning are among the many innovations that improve safety within the workplace and ensure that firms can survive the crisis. It is proved that technologies can transform the working environments and can shield business operations from disruption.

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