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    Enhanced custom software solutions for improved Travel and Hospitality Industry  

    travel and hospitality industry

    There have been noticeable crucial changes in the travel and hospitality industry over recent years. The pandemic has turned beneficial to several business sectors, the travel industry being an evident area of focus, as it became necessary to upgrade their technological solutions to meet the requirements of the present industrial functioning.

    Technical skills have become an essential factor in the travel and hospitality industry and creating the right custom software is all the more quintessential. This has become the need of the day as management, marketing, and even customer behaviours have seemed to change over the past years. 

     Latest travel and hospitality solutions of the time

     Experts have stressed the fact that professional companies should possess customized mobile apps and web applications to increase their profit in a short span of time. Providing customers with the best and user-friendly experience has a major role in their repeated use of our services.

     Travel Portal

    A travel portal can be handy for both B2B and B2C, including centralized reservation systems, revenue management, travel content mapping, and offering layered access. You should be cautious in adding any GDS, SML, or API into your travel portal which our experts can assure. 

     Online check-in can be implemented to ease the process of guest arrival as a lot of time can be saved which would be lost at the time of manual check-in.

     Improved customer support

    Customers can be from different parts of the world; however, everyone should be comfortable while using your service. Hence you should provide multiple currencies as well as multiple language options, to provide an enhanced experience to your clients. The booking system should have a high level of performance and should be integrated with the tour operator software to sort out and rectify issues that occur. A single platform should hold the options to book all kinds of tickets such as the air, vehicle, and accommodation.

     Safe and easy payment gateway

    It is always important to make sure that the online booking payments should be through a secure gateway. Our experts ensure that through custom mobile app development and travel website design, more customers are engaged in and their trust is earned through securing the gateway. 

     Tour operator software

    Customized tour operator software has an optimal role in managing the tour operations successfully. Maintaining 100% user-friendly features can enable you to reach more customers along with which brand promotion is another critical aspect. Furthermore, tracking day-to-day activities and storing client information should also be carried out to provide a better customer experience and to expand your business more. The custom mobile and web software that we develop has shown remarkable capacity in achieving these ends. 

    Automation of travel business processes such as invoice creation, automatic entries, and Tax Generation can all be incorporated into a well-designed software.

     Application Programmable Interface

    API is one of the key features of a tour operator’s software. It capacitates the tour operators in infusing all the platforms for booking hotels, holidays, flights, cars as well as other facilities together. The customers can be given a quality experience which would further urge them to use the same websites or apps for their future travel plans.

     Report Generation

    Errors are common in any business; hence you need to develop proper and effective error solving methods to run your business successfully. Creating detailed reports on every aspect is usually a tedious task for tour operators. Our custom-developed mobile and web software can produce auto-generated reports allowing you to identify errors and to make wise decisions to escalate your business. The accounting and tour reports are decisive in developing trust among employers and customers, which can be assured through using the right travel software.


    Travel and hospitality software are the key essentials for any travel company to lead the industry today. Customized Apps are an essential aspect that provides more conversion to sales. Zoondia offers wholesome customized mobile and web apps with handpicked options for unmatched customer satisfaction.

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