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E-Learning Mobile Apps – A Progressing Trend in Education Industry

According to recent research, the global eLearning industry was estimated to be close to 101 billion USD in 2019. And the same market is envisioned to reach an extraordinary value of 370 billion USD by 2026.  

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Source – Statista

Since COVID commenced and the lockdown limited everyone inside their homes, the education sector was highly impacted by the necessity of e-learning solutions. Currently, eLearning apps are utilized for training in numerous academic and professional courses and subjects. In addition, school and college students are now regularly using Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Zoom Meeting apps for their online academic classes.

Reasons Why Custom eLearning Solutions are Expanding

Capable to Focus on Target Audience

Organizations should be allied with dynamic eLearning content development companies who run a target audience analysis and develop customized eLearning solutions for optimum results.

Improved Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher communication through apps helps in elevating transparency in the education industry and facilitates teachers responding to the queries from the parents concerning the progress of their ward.

Customized with Your Company’s Brand and Values 

Opting for custom eLearning solutions enables you to align the training courseware with your organization’s branding and values. In addition, tailored course content will help to engage and connect your learners to the organization.

Cost-Efficient Maintenance

Continuous updates are persistent in eLearning courseware, and the rapid technological advancement impacts business and functions. Most of the eLearning content development companies charge only minor service charges for content updations.

Targeted Assessments

Targeted assessments are advantageous to both the company and the trainees. Custom eLearning solution includes the tools for evaluation, real-time response, tracking and scrutinizing live data, and reporting.

Limitless Learning

The most exciting part about eLearning mobile apps is that learners can pursue as much as they want. Just open the app and commence learning. With eLearning apps, education is not limited to the textbook syllabus; it’s beyond that. 

Emerging Technologies that Transforms eLearning Industry 


Chatbots augment the online education system, transform monotonous lectures into engaging chat conversations, and equipping a personalized education experience for the students. Furthermore, the capability of chatbots to convert lengthy courses into a series of messages succors in enhancing the learner’s ability to understand and remember the topic in an excellent way.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality products are becoming more accessible to the general society. The potentials for integrating AR and VR in eLearning are limitless. AR and VR have a significant role in making eLearning more exciting with real-time features such as Creative designing, demonstration of automobiles and locomotives, and depicting minutiae of the human body for medical students.

Experience API (xAPI)

xAPI enables a seamless solution for recording, storing, and fetching learning experience information across platforms. It can also regularly collect activity records from activity providers and keep them in the Learning Record Store (LRS).


Gamification is an amusing way to interact with students through fun games and interactive sessions. It can also enable the learners to learn and boost their concentration level at the same time. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is integrated into many eLearning platforms to deliver customized content to students without any human involvement. AI-powered chatbots in education apps help in responding to queries and ensure maximized efficiency. 

eLearning Mobile App Traits that Redefined Education Industry

Modern Learning Methods

The emergence of eLearning apps has brought new learning methods, including fun games that engage the students into a healthful thought process and aid them to grasp things handily.

Use of Wearable technology

Wearable technology efficaciously engages learners and helps to focus on the eLearning process. It also amplifies student’s creativity and inventiveness, letting them go beyond excellence and stay active with their surroundings.


Autographer – A wearable digital camera enables students to take photos of their class notes

Muse Headband – Regularly tracks student’s brain activity

Access to eBooks & Online Study Materials

The learning apps make it simple for the students to search for the relevant study materials. In addition, it helps the learners get closer to the study material and differentiate the studying materials on the web. 


This technology compresses the vital information into compact blocks of 3 to 15 minutes of audio or video data. 

Exemption from Cliched Education 

With the rising usage of smart devices, there are growing opportunities, and the learning experience is becoming more engaging day by day. The days of carrying weighty books and loads of notes are not anymore. Now, apps offer fun quizzes, puzzle games, and more to keep the learners interested.

Source – Sensortower

eLearning – The Promising Future of Education

The features of eLearning apps are unstoppable with the growing emergence of innovative technologies, and more suitable ways of the learning process will come into reality. Zoondia is a custom mobile app development company capable of developing eLearning apps and many other mobile apps for any custom needs.

eLearning Mobile Apps are the prospecting future of the education industry, leading towards its advancement. Want to simplify or modernize your IT Requisites in the most affordable and cost-efficient way? Get the Software Consultation from Zoondia for your custom software development. 

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