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    Mobile Applications – Transforming the Utility Industry

    Mobile App Utility Industry

    From streamlining field inspections to tracking equipment and reducing truck roll-outs in the energy and utility sector, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. A wide variety of tasks can be facilitated by bringing mobile apps into the field of the utility industry.

    Mobile apps are improving nearly every aspect of operations. Zoondia have used latest technologies and business analytics to streamline the processes in the Utility Domain which helps in optimizing their resources .

    Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking helps in managing assets like bucket trucks, transformers, and other equipment. Malfunctioning of assets can cause a hazardous environment. Without any trace, many companies find it difficult to locate and monitor their assets.

    This is where technology becomes helpful. With sanding updates and live location, apps can help field managers precisely monitor the situation complete the asset management successfully.

    Inventory management

    Automated inventory management is something that can be brought up from the introduction of mobile apps in the field of the utility industry. Through the introduction of apps in the field of utility industry employees can request tools and other needed materials through this technology.

    This method can replace the traditional way of requests done by writing on paper, or via word of mouth.


    Dispatching of trucks and managing procedure are hectic tasks that can be minimized by incorporation of Mobile apps. As a result, companies don’t need to dispatch as many trucks as that they had within the past.

    Apps that are increasing won’t interface with smart meters and other field equipment, alerting team members when service is required.

    Customer experience (CX)

    Customer experience posses the same importance as all other companies. The utility industry has an additional point in customer experience while compared with other companies.

    Most of the utility companies had found a way to use apps to increase the customer experience. Apps are being used to send billing receipts and outages with an additionally included specification in sending feedbacks. On the other hand, companies are focusing on monitoring workflow and making the process more productive through technology.

    Ongoing  Maintenance

    Utility industries need to manage tightly scheduled jobs with a high chance of risk. Daily maintenance requires tremendous attention to detail and constant communication. A communication breakdown can cause missed deadlines, hazards, and a number of other issues.

    Looking Ahead

    Now this is the right time for utility industry to initiate development of next-generation apps that will redefine customer experience.

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